Sunday, January 31, 2010

The V Strom Has Arrived!

Things are coming around! I made my way up the the shop today to see the the bike and chat with Richard, the current owner. It was raining but I took it for a spin around the neighborhood just to get a feel for the set up, and it felt damn good to be on a moto. At this point Richard and I are making a plan for all the necessary paper work. It's a bit complicated but not impossible. Once the paper work is sent back and forth to the states, and the appropriate parts arrive in the next few weeks we can make the transfer. With all this to do, I'll be in BA for the next few weeks. It could be worse! And I'm starting Spanish classes tomorrow! It seems like a good idea since I will be travelling alone in very remote areas of Argentina and Chile.


  1. Yeah dude! Not the bike I was planning on, but maybe a better one for the job. Now we just have to wait for all the paperwork... But good things all around!

  2. Great things come in time !!