Thursday, January 7, 2010

simple life

At the moment I’m living the life I dreamt about 6 months ago. I set a goal, and seem to be obtaining it. I wake up between 8 and 10 am and make my way to the stone house for breakfast. I eat some bananas and granola, drink some juice and coffee and chat with the other guests. I wear my board shorts and flip flops with the occasional shirt thrown over my shoulder (It's more of an accessory used to dap sweat or wear in certain establishments). I run every other day from the stone house down the farm road, to the Rio Vermelho, take a left at the bakery and run due east towards Praia Mocambique. Then on the trail across the creek, through the pine forest and across two sand dunes and out onto the beach. I jump in the beautiful blue Atlantic Ocean. Then run back.

I eat fresh fish and vegetables. I feel clean and calm. I can close my eyes and control my thoughts unlike before. I was overwhelmed with worries and distractions. I focus on staying fit, learning Portuguese and relaxing. I am finally starting to slow down.

The past few days have been completely flat for surfing so my friends and I have spent the days on Praia Mole in the sun, and in water. The beach bar, just steps from our umbrella offers free Wi-Fi. I can drink a mango juice, people watch and stay partially connected to the northern hemisphere.

Back on the farm, I’m surrounded by two Swiss girls and one guy, a German father and daughter, a girl from Lichtenstein, three Brazilians, and an Italian. This selection changes daily. I enjoy being the only gringo. It’s the refreshing change I was seeking. I need this alternative perspective to understand mine.

This place seems like paradise. Although we all know there is no such thing. Nowhere is perfect, but this is pretty damn close at the moment.


  1. Dude. I feel so bad for you and I really hope you hang in there. Just know that the rest of us are really rooting for you and hoping you'll make it through all right.

    What's up with the bike? This blog could get boring if all you have to tell us about is how many bananas you eat every morning...

  2. Ah, the joys of not working... ;)

    Glad you're having a blast, buddy...I must say, I think I would be able to "muster" that life style.

    Keep the posts coming, hombre, keep em coming...ALL of us state-side are living vicariously through these passages.

  3. HAHA! very true, must sound shitty... but im just super happy and trying to enjoy my time here. check the new post with details about the bike.

    oh and by the way, there are still stray dogs here, it aint all paradise :)