Friday, January 15, 2010

Broken Bike Pics

Annette, the current owner of the moto, is in Santiago getting a cast removed. We will meet in BA around the 25th of Jan for the transfer. Above is a pic from Annette's blog of the bike before the crash.

And here is a pic after. The back has been bashed and is missing some lights and the pannier racks seem to be bent. But I have faith that it can all be fixed as these bikes are very strong and it will be fixed at a reputable shop specializing in overland style bikes.


  1. I'm thinking you should hop a plane to wherever the Dakar boys are and swipe yourself a KTM team bike. They wouldn't mind.

  2. Hi Stephen! I tried to add you on facebook but it didnt work. I wish you a great trip. It was nice to meet you. My facebook is

  3. Ah boys, wheres the fun in having a fancy, new KTM? Theres no drama or excitement in waiting to find out if I actually have a functioning bike!

    But a 990 Adventurer would be pretty solid. why dont yall just collect some donations and send me one :) please

    Lara, I added you! have a great weekend