Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lagoinha Do Leste = Paradiso

We started in Praia Matadeiro and hiked around the coast and through the jungle to this fantastically refreshing stream.

Fantastic trail along the coast. But missing my bike!

Lagoinha Do Leste!

What Would Chuck Norris Do?

Some local wildlife.

An American football, not common in Brasil. A bit of good ole nastalgia...

The fresh water weaving it's way down to the ocean was almost the same temperature as the air. If you sat there long enough you only noticed the water line on your skin.

The boat ride back before the storm.


  1. Must say, you're really exceeding my expectations of how many posts you'd be able to do and I'm loving it! That singletrack looked luscious, love the shot of you sitting in the water, and the smiley face, and the boat. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks man! that means a lot. But seeing as how its cloudy/rainy and without waves, its time to post! Its a fun project. And that trail was BITCHIN! was thinking about you while running down it.

    thanks for the feedback.

  3. Amazing photographs - when you are in them, who is shooting? We all are enjoying your blog...keep it going. I'm living vicariously through you and loving it!


  4. When you get to Argentina, just pronounce the double l like a j and you'll fit right in!! Have fun, I'm sure you will!

  5. Thanks Bren! its really not hard here to take a good photo:) overwhelming beauty! Thanks for the comment!

    And Patience, I was gonna throw a catalonian lisp accent in there. just to mix it up.


  6. Oh sorry Bren, the other photos were taken by my Swiss roommate from the cabana. Gotta give credit where its due.