Sunday, January 10, 2010

"The trick is, never play the game too long"

I am thoroughly enjoying my time in Florianopolis, but seeing as how it is PEAK summer vacation season, it ain't cheap. My budget is shinking for the month and I'm getting ancy to meet my moto. Yesterday was spent at Praia Mole with my buddy Daniel and his surf instructor buddies. I surfed a few hours in the morning until I could no longer paddle and the wind picked up. I was so happy to get on a board for the first time in a year.

It wears me out to not understand the native tongue. At first it's a challenge and with plenty of energy I do not mind. But there comes a time when you are too tired to try to figure out a joke, or make simple conversation. For a very social person, such as myself, you feel a little frustrated and lonely. But it is the only way to learn, and I will be in Argentina in a few weeks ready to sharpen and expand my slightly more extensive Spanish skills.

Above is one of the craziest contraptions I have ever seen, including the vicious guard dog/co-pilot. And below is the street-side Caipirinha maker. 6 reais ($4 USD) and you get a stiff Caipi and mosey around the street people watching and trying to speak Portuguese.

Two nights ago the we went to a popular club in the city of Florianopolis, on the other side of the island, called El Divino. In an attempt to stay open minded and find out first hand, I skeptically joined my hostel mates. And it was like I walked through a matter transporter back to LA, except the girls where hotter and there was no good whiskey. It was an experience to say the least, but I think I will stick to the more low key beach bars with samba and Forro dancing! More my style.

Back to the farm. Ahhhhhh.

Today the "friendly Germans", and a Swiss girl leave the hostel. And I need to buy a bus ticket to Porto Alegre, Brasil. It has been raining on and off the past few days, which bums a lot of folks out, but I don't really mind. It hardly ever rained in LA, and it prevents me from turning into a lagosta (lobster). I have NEVER felt such intense sun as here in Brasil.

Andreas is a hilarious man.

As I mentioned earlier I am ready to get my bike. This island is larger than I thought, and I am staying in the countryside. It is a very special place, but I am not used to being so passive and flexible with my mobility. It has been a fun experiment, but I know I would be seeing more if I had a car or moto. But it is outrageously expensive to rent or buy either. All motor vehicles are way cheaper stateside. You spend double here in USD for the same car in the US. It's nuts. Anyway, just along for the ride and grateful for any one I get.

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