Saturday, January 30, 2010

Argy Polo at Pilar Chico

Argentina is said to be the capital of Polo at the moment. It's a sport that I had virtually no contact with, but was highly entertained today watching my buddy and his team play. I have been trying to get on a horse all week, but couldn't make the lesson happen. I'm a bit more comfortable on the mechanical horse, but I look forward to learning the basics of a new sport.

It was a bit of a recharge to leave BA and spend a few hours out in el campo. The area of Pilar Chico consists of some of the best polo fields in the world surrounded by lush countryside and fresh air.


  1. NICE !!! Glad you were able to get out and share the beauty !!

  2. awesome video! it was just action-packed! :-P
    miss youuuuu!

  3. Sweet photos once again, mi amigo. The horse's nose may be the favorite. Keep truckin, and I'm looking forward to the posts..

  4. Thanks brother, it was fun to watch, still looking to get out there soon!