Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gramado e Canela

Eduardo and I left early yesterday and headed up an amazing twisting mountain road to a German colonial town called Gramado. Unfortunately, the rain was relentless but we managed to have a good time none the less.

Below: just a reminder...

Above: I can only imagine the view on a sunny day!

Below: A crazy little place called "Mini Mundo". Sort of creepy but entertaining.

Mini Ducati!

Below: a local Gaucho!

A fellow Moto tourer. I hope my bike is ok... Still haven't gotten and update. But I will be there tomorrow, so I will find out soon.

Above: They must be kidding! This is a traditional "Cafe Colonial" from the area. I can put down some grub, but this is out of control.

Below: the view from Eduardo's appt.


  1. Fabulous !!! Keep it rolling . xoxoxo

  2. awesome pics, i wanna got to that colonial town! that just outside PA?

  3. Thanks! yeah it was about an hour and a half north in the hills. very cool place.

  4. Steven These pics are fantastic.

  5. PS. I love that they are still concerned about stopping CRACK in South America. Jajajaja, Wait until Meth hits, Crack is small potatoes in comparison. Ce le Vie.

  6. That Ducatti figurine shot is sic

  7. How much was that feast? As John says, the pics, man...keep em comin