Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To Porto Alegre, Brasil

I finished my time in Floripa with a fantastic hike and a fun night out with friends, then packed all my belongs (mostly moto gear and parts!), and hopped on a coach for Porto Alegre, Brasil.

The ride took over 7 hrs, slightly longer than I was told, due to much construction, detours and two lane roads. I opted for the nicer bus, for coffee, water and internet that moved like molasses. But I had one amazing view, first row, second level. I love a good thrill but with Mario Andretti's Brasilian cousin behind the wheel, passing uphill in oncoming traffic and rallying though detours I had to look away at times. I thought for sure we were going to run over at least a dozen motos. But all went swimmingly and I arrived in POA with my friend waiting.

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  1. Stephen this journaling is Fabulous. I am so gratdeful you have appreciation for others and the beautiful world surrounding you. Enjoy and take everything in that is possible. You are a better man for your willingness to explore other cultures. I am so proud of you. xoxoxo Mom