Friday, January 8, 2010

The not so simple life

Ok ok, enough about how many bananas I can eat and the daily struggles of gringo loco in Brasil. Sorry my friends, but I just wanted to make a note of the good times, as they don't always last...

I will be here on the island for another week before I take a bus to Porto Alegre, Brasil to visit some new friends until the 22nd of Jan. when I fly to Buenos Aires, AR. By then the bike will hopefully have been shipped from the south of Argentina to Dakar Motos to be fixed. At this point it sounds like the previous rider was most likely hit from the back, leaving her with a punchured lung, two broken ribs and a broken collar bone. I can only imagine how devastating it is to be unable to finish her trip. She is alone, and unable to carry anything on her trip back to BA. A massive challenge.

Once the bike is in BA the folks at Dakar Motos will start a complete check and overhaul of the bike. When I arrive they will hopefully install the new suspension, lights, chain, sprocket and other randoms parts that I have been lugging around. Then on the 27th Annette and I will ride, two up, out of Argentina and register the bike in Uraguay in my name. My buddy Jason, from Carolina Euro, is sending the North Carolina plates and registration for the bike to me in Porto Alegre, that we switched over last month. Lets hope it all goes to plan!

Until then I will try to keep up with coordination of the transfer and pray that the bike is in as good of shape as I've been told.


  1. SWEET! I checked out her site and that situation looks seriously gnarly. Keep the rubber side down when you've got it Manchez! That will be crazy meeting up with Annette and riding duo style to Uraguay.

    How's the local wildlife?

  2. Yeah its kinda gnarly. but shes a badass. its should be a crazy experience!

    and the wildlife is spectacular. my neck hurts.

  3. Sounds amazing brother. I'm trying to contain my serious jealousy as i sit at my desk and respond to e-mails all day.

  4. hey mikey! im just doing preliminary research for your trip :) you gotta come here. its so badass. florianopolis has so many outdoor sports. it aint cheap, but its wonderful.

    hang in here, ill see you in june.