Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Porto Alegre

I am overwhelmed with the endless hospitality of my Brasilian friends, some of which I have known for less than a month. I have yet to meet a Brasilian with animosity or hostility towards me. As a foreigner visiting another country we often experience negative situations, but everyone here has welcomed me with open arms. I am more than thankful for the exposure to their lifestyle and culture. I am in a city void of tourists (and Gringos) and see the day to day lives of southern Brasilians and I am learning a lot about the difficulties and limitations of some of my peers. My life is put into perspective, realizing the opportunities many Americans have. It is not that my Brasilian peers work less, are less intelligent or less capable, but may have many more obstacles. My friend has not been able visit the US because his visa was denied, for no apparent reason. Whereas, we can go just about anywhere we please whenever we want, funds permitting. I am incapable of fully explaing why things are as there are, but it is apparent that there is a strong social class separation and the government is said to be a bit corrupt. And yes, you can read about this from home, but being here, staying with people my own age, talking about dreams and ambitions and the ways in which to reach them it all becomes much more real. I am extremely thankful for my education, jobs, healthcare, food, water, shelter and all the other things which make my life comfortable and progressive. But I think that sometimes we have too much. We can get any material object in the world, and cheaply. But is that the point? Is that happiness? Don't get me wrong, I love my stuff, my moto, my pick up truck, my computer etc. These THINGS enable me and sometimes make me happy. But when I think about the abundance of material goods it makes me sick. I am not saying that everyone in the states is materialistic, but so many problems are coming and will come as a result of this excessive access to goods. I feel as though technology is certainly pulling us apart at times, when it wasn't meant to. I see so many people on their cell phone, laptop, ipod, playstation and not paying attention to their surroundings or getting to know the person right next to them.

Being here is exposing me to another way life that has many beautiful advantages, and it is also allowing me time to be grateful for my own. I hope to draw from all my experiences and create the life of BALANCE.

Above, a typical breakfast of bread, cheese, fruit and cafe. Below, some moto cops.

Good people.

My gracious hosts!

I love futbol!

My favorite Eduardo quote, "High speed, low stress"!


  1. High Speed, Low Stress....I love it.

    Great work my man. Pictures are fantastic and the adventure looks incredible. Very jealous but psyched to see this happening. Keep it up.


  2. Thanks broham. Im in BA now, and trying to figure out my bike situation. kinda a mess.

    take care buddy!