Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Getting Shafted in an Elevator

I always wondered what would happen if I got stuck in an elevator, or lift. Last night I found out. I was at a friend's apartment, here in Buenos Aires, and we all decided to head up to the roof top to catch a view. Somewhere between the 5th and 24th floor the elevator decided to stop ascending. Silence. The two British birds, three blokes, my fellow American, Robert, and I exchanged surprised and slightly nervous glances as we realized we were in between floors and the lift was not responding. It was getting hot. No one panicked, as it wouldn't do much good, but I wasn't content waiting for someone to let us out. While the Brits reflected upon the predicament, slowly sipping their vodka tonics and pressing the alarm button, Robert and I sprang into action. My claustrophobia motivated me to get the hell out of that box. He manually pushed the lever at the top of the hall door as though the doors where lined up and I slid my arm down below the floor of the lift to open the hall door. Reach, reach, GOT IT! It sprang open and I quickly slid through and landed on the floor 4 feet below the lift avoiding the open shaft leading to the ground far below. We quickly pulled everyone through the 12 inch opening before the lift began to start up again, closing this small gap. Relieved, we all made it out, climbed the stairs the rest of the way and enjoyed the evening view of Buenos Aires.


  1. who drinks vodka tonic? if you had gin this would have never happened.

  2. Yeah it was an interesting experience. and now i know how to break free. Pamy, who are you? sorry but i cant tell.

    Adam, imagine if I was drinking whiskey...

  3. That hike up 20 floors must have sucked...

    Glad you made it out, however haha