Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Feliz Ano Novo de Florianopoils, Brasil!

I'm sitting at the beach bar (with Wi Fi) at Praia Mole at a table maybe 200 feet from the Atlantic. They're blasting reggae and the sun just came out. My first week has been more than exceptional. It's difficult to describe the experience. I really lucked out by ending up at Pura Vida Pousada. My buddy that I met while traveling in Central America lives in one of the bungalos and teaches surf lessons a few miles down the road. Im staying in a cabana on a piece of gorgeous property outside of the center of the island. Its down a bumpy dirt road through a pasture nestled at the base of a hill covered in lush jungle vegetation and full of activity. They are completely off the grid. The cabanas have no power, only candles. Its the experience I needed!

After getting settled into my cabana I started to explore the surrounding area. My friend Flavia arrived from Santos (near Sao Paulo), and we hit up some local beaches and joined in on the local evening festivities. I learned how to dance "Forro", which is a lot of sweaty, sexy fun!

On New Years Eve we went with all of the guests and friends of the hostel to a neighbors house how was having a party. We drank beer, ate fruit and meats and danced until it was time to go to the beach for the traditional brazilian NYE routine. We all jumped 7 waves at midnight for good luck in the new year. We were all running around in our underwear and swim suits drinking champagne and dancing. It was a damn blast!

We came back to the house and ate and drank until very late. The next we nights where more of the same. I was overwhelmed with joy at how hospitable and kind everyone was. They really know how to throw a party. And it was nothing extravegant, it was just perfect.

My portuguese is improving, as Im hanging out with mostly Brazilians, although some of my new friends have left the island. It is tiring at times trying to figure out what is happening, but I feel that it is the best way to learn. It is my full time job.

I'm truely in love with this place! I am having a blast!

On a different note, my bike is being shipped to Buenos Aires to be fixed from the crash. I will go to Porto Alegre, Brasil to visit my new friends and then fly to BA to sort the bike out. I will be there until the end of the month then head south in Feb. to check out Argentina. I am very excited.


  1. Photos are beautiful!! Be safe and have fun!! Keep experiencing the culture and grow all you can. A once in a life time experience!! xoxoxo

  2. Great pics, man! Love to see more ladies, however! Kidding. (kind of - haha)

    Keep livin, be careful, and I'm certainly looking forward to future entries.