Monday, January 25, 2010

My sweet little mess

I finally made it to the bike, well what's left of it. It has been taken apart for repair, although I am no longer interested in riding this bike through South America. I was optimistic that I would require some minor repairs, but there are too many unknowns to feel safe or confident riding alone for three months. I'm hoping to walk away from this one.

The windscreen is gone, and the front end (forks and triple clamps) twisted.

The rack above that was mounted on the rear was badly bent and would require a day or welding. Same goes for the racks that hold the side panniers on.

The subframe is bent, which makes the bike "totaled" in most countries. It could be bent back, but this is procedure is not confidence inspiring.


  1. i know its a total llongshot, but amal is still there so i told him to mkeep his ears open! never know....

  2. WTF... This is quite a hot mess. what are you gonna do?

  3. Thanks girls, but i think i have a strong plan b. trying to get a bike coming into to town in the next week or so! wish me luck!

  4. booo. that sucks that bike didn't work out. hope you find a new one. i rode a bike around for a bit while in mexico (such convenience to find hidden beachers). some kid at the hostel had just bought one and was driving it up to LA. I have to say it would be killer to join you and ride motos around south america. insanely jealous.

    when is a good time to find you on skype?

  5. Mike,
    email me, but im around tonight and this week. laying low. trying to sort this sticky situation.