Friday, March 5, 2010

Wine Harvest at Catena Zapata, Tapiz, O Fournier AND Asado with Adam and fam!

Destemmer at Tapiz.

Chardonnay grapes after being juiced, to be used for Grappa, fertilizer etc.

Full line at Tapiz, including Zolo for the American market.

French oak on the left, American oak on the right. American oak has larger pores, thus absorbing more of the wine. Most bodegas use 70 or 80% French oak and the rest American.

Cloudy, unfiltered Sauvignon Blanc fresh from the tank before aging.

My daily commute.

Alien space ship winery at Bodega O Fournier.

Not all wineries hand select grapes, as they do here at O Fournier.

Once a container is full of whole grapes they are dropped directly into the fermentation tank below using gravity as a natural crusher.

O Fournier is one of the few wineries that uses French oak, concrete and stainless steal tanks for fermentation.

O Fournier batman style cellar!


The house rented by Adam's mom and friend in Chacras, just south of Mendoza.

White lion.

Asado prep.


  1. Fabulous tour of the wine country. I really enjoyed ZOLO . Miss the heck out of you,'Love to Adam and Cathy.
    Love to you xoxoxo

  2. spanks yall. learnin a ton. worth the trip!

  3. Man, you have me even more eager about the weekend! I'm heading north to Sonoma, along with Louisa, and Track is flying out from NYC, and we will be doing a bit of tasting. PUMPED!