Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day Ride: Mendoza to Uspallata for a picnic

We left Mendoza headed north towards Villavicencio, the town and water source for bottled water to be distributed all over the country. I was unable to find a gas station leaving town, but was optimistic that I would not get us stuck in the middle of the desert. That would be a truly rookie move.

We stopped at the restaurant for coffee and cocoa. My photographer/co-pilot making faces.

Hamming it up.

We followed the zig-zags up the mountain into the ominous clouds above.

A condor!

Happy-time smirk post zig-zags!

The other side of the range gave us cool air and blue skies.

Sundries as offerings. Cigarettes to electrical tape. I don't really get it.

In the valley coming into Uspallata, more of the always welcomed tree lined streets.


After lunch and a siesta by the creek. Pura vida.

Back through this field towards the ruta and down to Mendoza.

We were stopped due to typically inefficient Argentine road work. They decide to move a wrecked tractor trailer from the road on a Saturday afternoon as everyone is coming down the canyon.

We had two hours to chat and make friends with some other local riders. Yours truly rider's left.

The hustle back to town with no one in front of us for two hours!!!

*All photos with me as subject taken by S. Cirone. Gracias!!!

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