Friday, March 26, 2010


I'm taking it easy in Mendoza trying to spend some good time with my amigo from home as well as buy some new tires (arm and a leg), get an oil change, fix my helmet, send some stuff to BA and rest. I was set to leave today, but with the prospect of some fun social gatherings on the horizon I decided to stay just a few more days. And that statement is used quite a bit, "just a few more days". I enjoy Mendoza because of its proximity to the mountains, the wine industry and the fact that its a city with the feel of a town. I am not completely excited about the first half of the transcontinental trek across the plains of Argentina to the triple border of Argentina, Brasil and Paraguay, however, if I am to see the bright beaches of Rio I must get a move on. Has to be Sunday, no later.

The proposed route:


  1. why not cut straight across so you can ride up the coast instead? do you need a visa for uruguay?

  2. The plan is to book it to Iquazu falls at the triple border then get to rio so that I can take my time coming down the coast and finishing in buenos aires. No visa for Ur buy I do have one for Brasil.