Friday, March 19, 2010

Around Bariloche and El Bolson, Argentina

I decided to take a day off the moto and get some work done, and joined my fellow hostel mates for a ride around the peninsula. The girls were ready to leave as I was starting my breakfast. After inquiring about their day, they said I could join if I hurried so we could catch the bus out of town. I grabbed the one long sleeve I had and off we went. It was windy as hell and barely over 45* F, and I was in shorts.

I rolled my ankle quite badly running to my bike at the shop. A great way to start a ride. But I taped it and we ventured out. We made to a quaint little beach void of wind and full of sun.

We casually rode the 25 km circuit surrounded by massive peaks and great views.

We stopped near a Swiss colonial village for some fresh trout and Heinekin.

oh, and ice cream.

The main square, back in Bariloche.

Sunset cerveza.

Above is the last of the 7 lakes, just south of El Bolson, Argentina, which is a 140km ride through more impressive mountain terrain with sexy curves the whole way.

A friend decided to join for the trip and we met some nice local riders who gave us the tour around El Bolson, then led the high speed pursuit back to Bariloche at sunset.

The mtn. range east of El Bolson.

Back in town we were on a mission for tacos, but it proved to be futile. Plan B, empanadas. We bought a whole rotisserie chicken, de-boned it mixed sauteed peppers, onions, spices, tomatoes, lemon, cilantro and fresh cheese topped with avocado and a side of veggies for the best empanada imaginable. Mexi-cali style.

I ate 7 and we gave one away.


  1. is that the hostel kitchen?? very nice

  2. Best hostel ive ever had the priveledge to visit! AWESOME.