Monday, March 1, 2010


Although I slept through the earthquake here in Mendoza, many people did not. We were lucky to have only received a 4+ quake while our neighbors, a few hours west, are devestated. Everyday the news worsens with more aftershocks and an increasing death toll.

I want to help. With the motivation of a fellow moto traveler I was seriously thinking of heading over tomorrow. We have sent emails to volunteer groups requesting information, but I have yet to receive a response. From what those in Santiago are saying it is best to wait a few days before coming. If there is no food, water or shelter then I am not sure if I am helping or just adding to the masses that need these essentials. I feel it is best to let the professionals establish what they need and then go into help. However, it is tempting to just go.

Hopefully, there will be time in the near future when it is safe to go lend a hand. And if any of you hear of volunteer groups please inform me, as I am a bit disconnected.

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