Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day trip to Portrerillos outside Mendoza.

From Mendoza I headed west up Ruta 7 to Potrerillos then up Ruta 89 into the mountains for a spot of lunch at the only micro brewery around, Cerveza Jerome. The brewery and restaurant are literally next to the owner/operator's home at the top of a gravel mountain road high above town. However, he manages to distribute his product all over the world, including Boulder, CO.

Had a tasty burger and the "El Diablo" beer.

Bottled by hand.

After lunch and a tour I got on the bike headed for higher ground. I followed winding gravel roads next to the stream then climbing up some fantastic switchbacks. Eventually, I made my way to Refugio "San Bernardo" at just under 10,000 feet above sea level.

This is the same hut that my buddy Adam uses for his winter ski tours.

I was warmly greeted by some local folks for a coffee and mate. These pleasant surprises are what make traveling alone so rewarding. I had no idea what was up that road, but ended up having a wonderful time with new people high in the Andes.

Then back to Mendoza, and off to Bariloche manana!


  1. What a wonderful trip. I am glad you have this blog.

  2. Looks cool mang. Nice work

  3. This is such an amazing journey for you. We all love the pictures and updates. Loving this!!
    Keep meeting wonderful people and safe travels.
    Love you xoxoxo