Friday, December 25, 2009

Plan B?!?

Ive sent some emails inquiring about some US registered bikes in both Brazil and Argentina, as well as the possibility of buying bikes there. With less than two days until I depart, I am anxious to get replies. However, all I can do is wait and see if I have a bike.

And I think that it is important to remember where I am starting my trip and why...
The original plan was to stay with a friend who was building a house on the island, but her contractor broke his foot in a motorcycle accident (ummm...), subsequently delaying the completion of the build.

So the plan is to head to another buddy's place of work. Pura Vida Brasil, where he is a surf instructor. Above is the path leading in from the road, and below are a few pics of the property. I am more than excited to spend my New Years Eve in good company and in a stunning location. NYE in the middle of summer on the beach will be a first of many to come.

And I'm sure that I mentioned before that there are over 40 different surf breaks on the island!

The funny thing, is that both my college roommate living in Mendoza, Argentina and my Brazilian friend living in Los Angeles both said that they think I'll find some amazing place and just stop the ride. Who knows? It could happen. And that is the beauty of this trip. I can do whatever I damn well please!

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