Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hollywood to Raleighwood via Boulder

We left Los Angeles last Friday at 4pm after loading the Uhaul all day in the rain. After an insane week filled with training my replacement, packing and my own birthday debauchery I was ready to see LA in my rear view mirror. And although trying to exit LA on a rainy Friday afternoon would normally make me want to choke someone out, I couldn't help but laugh knowing that this was my last day of that nonsense. The Tacoma was heavily loaded with my Ducati Hypermotard and Yamaha YZ250F strapped down in the bed in front of a fully packed 6 x 12ft Uhaul as we climbed out of the basin towards sin city. I was reminded how many stars there should be in sight as we entered Arizona. Shortly after passing St. George, Utah the snow started to fall and the road began to disappear preventing us from being heavy footed or allowing the passenger much rest.

My sister's house in Lyons, CO was a welcomed sight after a straight 20 hrs on the road. We quickly made our way across the street to Oskar Blues Brewery for some fresh brewskies. After being awake for 36 hours and a few "Old Chubs" I was ready to slip into a coma.

The next night was spent eating, drinking and being merry with the Boulder crew at Radda Trattoria. My buddy Justin treated us well with the chef's choice family style menu and many a bottles of vino rosso.
...and then the Sundown Saloon.

Monday we tied up loose ends after throwing all my stuff in my sisters garage and packing the necessities for the trip back to NC and then to Brazil. We had great weather, although cold, heading through eastern Colorado, the Sea of Kansas, Misery and Illinois.

Tuesday night was spent in Nashville, with my charming and extremely hospitable college friend Sarah. We dined at her favorite hole in the wall spot downtown, Rotier's. Pork BBQ, hash brown casserole, fried zucchini, corn on the cob and BEER!

From Nashville it was a straight shot east to Raleigh, NC where the trip came to an end. 2900 miles, 11 days and 6 days later we were glad to be home. Now if it would only stop raining so I can terrorize Raleigh with the Hyper...

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