Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Heavy Metal

I'm skimming over the service manual for the 2008 Suzuki DR650, which I am planning on picking up in Buenos Aires around the middle of January 2010. Today I ordered parts from my buddy at Carolina Euro for the bike to be taken down instead of paying outrageous prices once there. The bike will need new brake pads, front and rear sprockets, chain, spark plug, oil and filter, new headlight bulb and some other odds and ends. I also ordered a set of new springs for the fork and rear shock as well as intiminators for more sophisticated suspension dampening.

The bikes are tanks. I am not worried about the engine as much as all the other little parts. And at around 30,000 miles it will need some work. However, I am confident that it will be an ideal bike for the trip and I can't wait to start riding.

I am also trying to get my dad and friends Eddie and Jason to meet me in Ushuaia to ride a section of Patagonia around the middle of February. I'll keep yall posted, as it would be an amazing experience to share.

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