Monday, February 22, 2010

Easy Rider

It seems hard to believe that the day has come for me to ACTUALLY leave Buenos Aires. All of my stuff is spread across the floor in my friend's apartment as I try to decide what I do and don't need for this third stage of my travels. Until now I have been traveling by bus, plane and auto, usually carrying more than I need. Now limited to two panniers, a tail and tank bag and a duffel at my back, it is time to thin it out. Most of what I carry will consist of riding and camping equipment, tools and some electronics. Oh and some clothes. It will certainly be ample space, it is just a matter getting into the system and knowing what I actually use.

I have been in BA for a solid month. I planned on staying here no longer than a week, but upon arriving to a crashed bike I was determined to stay and find a different bike to complete my goal or touring South America via moto. Although this process has been a pain in my a$$ I have learned heaps. And I will say, it is not a bad place to be stuck. I prefer the country side, but this is one fantastic city! I have eaten well, tasted some spectacular fermented grapes, danced all night and met some amazing people! Salute!

I will leave as early as possible tomorrow and make my way through Rosario to Cordoba, AR. This is supposed to be a fun college town with some superb bife (steak). From Cordoba I will shoot down to Medoza where I will meet up with my old college buddy, Adam, and join him for the annual Vendimia Wine Harvest Festival which goes into March. I will keep you all posted on the research mission!

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