Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ride Report#2: Cordoba to Mina Clavero

I left cloudy Cordoba around 3pm today headed west in search of some alititude. After cruising through a spot of rain I started to climb up gradually sweeping turns through rolling hills of rock and streams.

The higher I rode the better the view until I broke into the dense and cold clouds that provided me with a surprise in every turn.

After a while without a view I seemed to level off on some sort of plateau, and then just as I was about to decend the clouds broke and my best buddy came to say hello. I'm lucky to have not missed such magnificent views.

As I rolled over the western slope of the small range and into the next valley I began to come across farm houses selling sundries including animal pelts. I circled back around and bought a sheep skin for my saddle from this lovely couple.

Just before arriving in Mina Clavero I came across the pits for a rallye race to be held in a few days! Such a treat! I would like to stay to check it out, but need to get on to Mendoza. Once again, while hanging out looking at cars, I met incredibly kind and inquisitive folks asking about my trip. I very much welcome a chance to practice my espanol and chat with the locals.

After a day like today, every grain of doubt, worry, insecurity or aprehension that I was feeling in BA was washed away by a massive wave of exhilaration! This is what I came here to do!


  1. what camera are you using? you've got some sick shots. I love the one with the trees over the street in BA. But they are all amazing.

  2. Nice photos man. Looks like things are looking up and it looks like you got some altitude that gave you some nice vantage points for looking down.

  3. Casey, im using two Lumix cameras. one is the GF1 and the other is a smaller DMZ point and shoot. but remember its the man, not the machine :)

    John, yesterday was truely amazing. after this great ride I ended up a a hostel on the river with all Argies. had a huge dinner iwth 30+ people with live music in the back yard before going to dance. life is good!

  4. looks like you're having a blast and really living life, bravo stephen!!

  5. So glad for you ! Enjoy and reap the benefits of the adventure !! xoxoxo