Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ride Report #23 & #24: Florianopolis to Lages to Bento Goncalves, Brasil.

Leaving Florianopolis on this sunny morning, looking out over the town of Lagoa set in between two fresh water lagoons, next to the sand dunes in the center before the Atlantic in the distance.

The bridge connecting the island of Florianopolis to the continent.

A few house after riding highway south along the coast started to climb up this steep ledge to the high plains.

Lots of these!

The higher I climbed the more moisture I met. This a beautiful road shooting straight up this lushly covered ledge lined with flowers and small waterfalls.

And then you arrive on top! A massive highland in stark contrast to the landscape below, and FREEZING!

I made it to Lages, the round about way, and the only place I stopped I was met with this fellow who owned the gas station. He seemed fascinated by the bike and journey and insisted on leading me through town as I only had an hour of light to get to the next town, an hour plus away. Once again, I have met a selfless Brasiliero! Unfortunately, once I got out of town I ran head on into the darkness and heavy rain and fog making it impossible to see ANYTHING. I stopped, and turned around for town and safe and dry place to rest.

It poured cold rain all night, and failed to cease the following morning. I sat in my room looking out the window for a while until I finally strapped on all the synthetic and waterproofish clothing I had to do battle with the elements. I am running out of time and do not have the luxury of waiting out the storm. I made plans to get to Bento Goncalves to meet some wineries.

I was hoping it would not come to this, but it was entirely necessary this day, as the rain was hard, cold and consistent. It was a good test for me, to stay focused, calm, cautious and ignore the discomfort. Honestly, they were some of the best rolling country roads I had ridden, and I hope to ride them again under different weather conditions!

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Pousada Villa dei Fiori, Bento Goncalves! I rolled in just before dark and the owner came out telling me that she was worried about me in these conditions and was happy to see me. I instantly began to melt. She brought me in and started to light a fire in the SUITE that she said I should have for the same price as a single because I had a hard day. HA. I tell you, I do not deserve this! I insisted otherwise, and then was too tired to fight. I was so happy to have a fire and bed! Later in the evening she prepared three types of meats, salad, broccoli pasta, some sort of cheesy casserole with wine. I was in heaven. I love that lady.


  1. Yes , you do deserve good treatment !! xoxox
    Stay safe !! Hugs and kisses !!

  2. wow - hard to believe they're on their way to the winter months, given those blue-bird day pics. Gorgeous.

    my parents just arrived today and will be here til Tuesday.

    Talk soon!