Monday, May 3, 2010

Ride Report #20, 21 and 22: Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo to Curitiba to Florianopolis, Brasil.

After three very memorable weeks in Rio de Janeiro the time came to start heading south towards my moto's my final destination, Buenos Aires. I left Rio in the rain, like most Brasilian depatures, and started to push hard for Sao Paulo, once through traffic. The ride was all freeway, with expensive tolls and inconsiderate truck drivers. But I am always given beautiful, lush jungle scenery!

Most of the Bonita Hostel staff (except for the chubby Welsh guy), where I lived for the better part of 3 weeks, seeing me off after I had 5 "last nights" in town.

I connected with a friend from high school who is living in Sao Paulo with his family. I unfortunately missed him, but was able to get some rest in the guest room.

Leaving SP after a good nights rest (missing out on the "best night life in Brasil"). Sometimes I have to remember that I am a motorcycle rider, and make sacrifices to ride safe and smart. I really surprised myself at how responsible and mature I can be. ha.

My gracious host Reginaldo met me and brought me to his home in Curitiba where I stayed for three nights before heading to Floripa! Once again, an extremely hospitable Brasilian.

Curious girl in the window as we make our way around town.

The Curitiba Botanical Gardens!

I am now a huge fan of the native Brasilian artist Poty. His work can be seen all over the walls of Curitiba's historic district.

An illustration of the state tree of the state of Parana, the Araucaria.

My lovely tour guide, Raquel.

This horse gave me nightMARES for weeks...

My host, fellow motociclista and tour guide, Reginaldo.

Back to Pura Vida on the island of Florianopolis, Brasil.

Daniel and I washing the boards, post sunset surf session.

Later in the night I had some pizza with a friend I met during my first visit to the island, then off to Samba in town. The band played in the living room of a house turned samba club while we hung out on the porch drinking beer and listening to the 8 or 10 very talented musicians send everyone into a groove. It is fall in Floripa which meant I was probably the only gringo in the house, which is always the ideal situation.

The road home to the stone house in the jungle, Pura Vida.

Today's all you can eat lunch of fresh vegetables, rice, beans and a fresh fish. Oh and papaya and mint smoothie. This is why I love Brasil!


  1. your lovely tour guide....huummm, lol, lol...!!!
    Next time you come back to Brazil I am sure your lovely tour guide will guide you better!!! lol!!!

    Best wishes,

  2. Shhh Reginaldo! Ha youre a funny guy! thanks again, and ill be in touch!

  3. I love your smile. So glad to see you are having such a great adventure! Enjoy all you can and looking forward to seeing you soon. Sooner than you are ready for, but you will return . I love you, MOM xoxoxo

  4. hey dude - how were the waves down there?! I just met another guy who has a house in SP, and he's twisting my arm to get down there ;)

    Onshore wind swell today, so no surf for me as it is my day off. Just chipping away at my business plan.

    Raquel....yes, indeed.

  5. Wes, you should def come to brasil. SP is a mess but there are tons a great beaches just hrs away.