Monday, May 10, 2010

A Few Days of Fall in Florianopolis, Brasil

I have come full circle. At least with this trip. I flew into Florianopolis (Floripa) December 28th 2009 at the peak of summer and spent two unforgettable weeks there before making my way to Buenos Aires to begin the moto journey. Floripa in May is clearly off-season as the roads are clear and the air is cool. The swell pics up but the water temperature drops. I had two full days of rain which put me in the hammock at pura vida, reading and listening to rain hit banana leaves. The other days were spent surfing, riding around the island via moto and generally enjoying this idyllic setting.

The steps leading from the road to Praia Mole (Mole Beach).

Rainy day at the cafe.

One of the best duos of all time, Inca (rottweiler) and Maya (boxer). Pure comedy as they compete for your love.

Glauco admiring the skills.

The end of the Lagoon at Rio Vermelho.


Anyone want to buy some property? I do...

And the mother's day rodeo in the pasture next to the house.

Even the cows are beautiful in Brasil.

Pondering a swap. Floripa to BA on a horse...

The very cool and typically friendly family from down the road.


You must believe me when I tell you that Samba is the most infectious, uplifting and inclusive music I have heard. This was THE way to hear it, a small beach shack on an island in Brasil.

The back patio of the samba shack looking at the continent.

Pura Vida Pousada. Home of the infamous Daniel and my brief place of residence. A special place, off the grid, down a dirt road, through a pasture, nestled at the base of the mountain surrounded by Brasilian jungle!

I slept in the loft, and it is difficult to see, but the windows are filled with all green.

Second floor open room.

Second floor porch with hammocks!

Front yard with mountain stream that supplies fresh, untreated water for the house.


  1. YOU have been blessed with such a journey !! xoxoxo

  2. Beautiful place! I take it you never had to stay in the favlas? Are all your friends rich? Blessed? Or do you have incredible luck? =)

  3. I have good luck it seems. I have stayed in different types of places along the way, but staying in a favela is just asking for trouble. Pura vida is indeed a special place!

  4. one of the most fortunate people I've ever met, and proud to know, you are...

  5. I feel blessed and truly grateful for these opportunities!