Friday, November 6, 2009

Leaving LALA

I came to LA from Boulder, CO with the intentions of studying product design at ArtCenter design school in Pasadena. After taking classes for 9 months I realized that, although I appreciate product design I was not ready to commit to another 4 years of school and the overwhelming price tag of an ArtCenter education. And even though I knew that I could create and improve many outdoor sports products and gear, it did not provide me enough time to actually recreate as I found myself inside all day like my office dwelling peers.

After dropping out of classes I was offered a management position at the bar/lounge I was currently working. I accepted. For the past 20 months I've learned more about business, relationships, commitment and work ethic than ever before. This responsibility triggered a rapid change in my perspective and attitude towards my own capabilities and potential. I got it together as fast as I could as to not disappoint those who had put their faith in me.

But as the months went by I became restless. If it wasn't for an endlessly optimistic, eager and positively fun girl I would've left much earlier. She showed me a side of the city that I didn't know how to navigate previously. We went to great restaurants, screenings and premiers and I, in turn, took her on my bike to the countryside. It was a great balance. However, we both knew in order to preserve my sanity that I needed to get out sooner than later so decided to start formulating an escape plan. Six months ago it all seemed like a fantasy, but now that my departure is around the corner the realities of leaving are setting in. Quiting my job, giving up my house, selling my stuff and saying goodbye to those that are close is heavier than expected.

I leave this zoo in 42 days. It's bittersweet. I hate this place and I love this place. I've truly grown to appreciate the dense cultural texture of this city. You can do whatever you want and no one gives a shit! I love the group of people that I have come to know here, and appreciate their diverse backgrounds and lifestyles and I will miss you all!

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