Monday, November 16, 2009


I really enjoy this process. Trip planning is consuming, and I am always grateful for having something to look forward to. I use ADVrider for information regarding all aspects of the moto journey, from route descriptions, to safety, to equipment reviews and finding helpful contacts.

As of now, I am coordinating the purchase of a 2008 Suzuki DR650 dual-sport bike that has been ridden to Brazil from Alaska by a very impressive New Zealander/Brit (?). If all goes to plan, I will be meeting her at Iguazu Falls at the beginning of Jan. 2010. I will then ride back to Florianopolis where I will prepare for my departure while surfing, running, swimming, doing yoga, and generally enjoying the island!

Unfortunately, Google maps will not allow me to complete a full route through Uraguay, Bolivia and parts of the Brazilian Amazon due to ferries and river crossings. However, I plan to take the coast down from Floripa to Montevideo, Uraguay, catch a ferry to Buenos Aires where I will spend anywhere from 4 - 7 days. Then I will book it down the eastern coast of AR over the course of one week arriving in Ushuaia by Feb. 15 then back up along Patagonia to Mendoza on Feb 27 then Santiago, Chile March 6, Uyuni, Bolivia (and the salt flats) March 12, Lake Titicaca March 17, Cuzco and Machu Picchu March 19/20, then into the Jungle! This part is a little fuzzy, as I may take a river boat from Porto Velho to Manuas and then to Santarem and on to Belem or I may ride parts of this trip. But I am giving myself 2 weeks from Porto Velho, Brazil to get to Belem, Brazil where I start the uber sexy Brazilian beach tour!

From Belem I will follow the massive Brazilian coast all the way back to Florianopolis over the course of a month arriving around the 5th of May. I will then have 2 weeks to sort out my biz and jump on a plane back to North Carolina to see my lovely little sis graduate from high school!

That is the plan as of now.

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  1. Sounds fabulous ! You have been working hard.
    I miss you !