Monday, April 12, 2010

Ride Report #18: Ilhabela to Paraty, Brasil

As I left Ihlabela the rain had let up and I was given spectacular views of the coast the beach communities along it. However, this weather didn't last and I was once again riding under water. And this is why there are so few pics. I was just trying to keep my equipment dry.

I will say that the road is a dream (other than the dreadful speed bumps in each town) with views of the ocean on one side and the mountainous jungle on the other split by plentiful curves.

The sky cleared just in time for a nice sunset.

The rain was quite consistently heavy in the charming colonial town of Paraty. The pictures online of this village are nothing short of paradise, but I was not afforded the luxury of this experience. I had a great fish dinner, met some european travellers and tasted what Paraty is famous for, cachaca! I plan on returning once I head south for a second go.

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