Monday, April 12, 2010

Rainy Ilhabela, Brasil

I posted up on Brasil's sailing capital, Ilhabela, for four days in the rain figuring that if this was the "big one" I'd be surrounded by boats and could be like Noah. It turned out not to be the big one and I spent my time drinking coffee, running around in the down pours, speaking only portuguese and spanish to locals over a cold cerveja Skol. The pics above are from the Wednesday night Forro dancing session where I witnessed a very talented and lucky man dancing with three lovely Brasilieras at once. I have video but this little computer and crappy connection cant handle the HD madness...

On Thursday the rain let up and I joined some friends for a trip to 4 of the MANY cachoeiras (waterfalls) for a few dips.

His front yard was a jungle and bird sanctuary. Stunning.

One reason why my sister calls me "monkey boy". Eu adoro cachoeiras!!!

The sun poked out for my departure. This is where I parked meu moto while staying at the pousada.

The ferry back to shore.



  1. those falls got nothing on iguazu!

  2. yeah but you cant swim at iguazu beachface

  3. MOOOOOOOOOOOONKEY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)