Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Florianoplis: 3rd and final round

The bike was secure at the bottom floor of a Puerto Madero apartment building in Buenos Aires. Everything I came with, and then some, was crammed into my four bags. Moto gear, cameras, camping stuff, gifts, sunscreen, trinkets etc. I left BA and flew back to Florianopolis for the last time of the trip, to spend a few days with my pal, decompress and get my head straight for my life back home.

Anyone feeding me fresh Acai has my heart.

Daniel and I grabbing breakfast.

We went into the center of Florianopolis, on the other side of the island to pick up some things before I left Brasil. This mannequin did just the opposite of what most are designed to do. Strange indeed!

Heavy rains were hard to avoid in Florianopolis and staying out in the jungle meant crossing flooded, muddy roads just to get out to the main road.

I rented the cheapest vehicle I could find and was anything but gentle when plowing through knee high muddy water! play time.

the lagoon.

There happened to be a 6 Star International surf contest taking place at Praia Mole, which is the beach that my buddy works on, and where I spent the majority of my time during my summer days. Spotty weather, but a fun last day in of a 5 month trip!

Aritz Aranburu takes first place, and a big cardboard check.

Adios amigo! Obrigado para tudo!

22 hrs after leaving Pura Vida Florianopolis, Brasil I arrived in Raleigh, North Carolina to be greeted by my lovely mother and youngest sister! This moment, the instant when I get to hug my family, came across my mind many times while riding through questionable weather, terrain and situations. I just had to get home to see my little sister graduate from High School. Just get home. The thought of this moment kept me cool when I was wound up or overwhelmed, when I was nervous or doubtful. I pulled it off, and if feel so good.

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